Case Study: University Campaign Kickoff

Live events have a special way of creating special memories for attendees€¦ but often how the event is created is just as special. Infinite Power recently traveled to central Virginia to help a large university kickoff a major fundraising campaign, and the pinnacle of the event filled weekend were two events on the University's main campus quad.

Their quad was covered in a 16,000sqft tent with multiple supporting tents, all of which needed to be climate controlled during the widely varying fall season. The event also consisted of a large audio/visual component which needed silent and reliable power to run. Infinite Power ended up supplying over 200 tons of air conditioning with the option to have heat should the outside weather require it. To power this as well as run AV, catering, and more over 900KW of generator power was onsite. To complicate this job, access for the event was exclusively from a large sidewalk weaving between plantings and a large downhill. With the area immediately around the site crucial to campus life, load in and out had to be accomplished around the lives (and paths) of the student body. The Infinite team ended up being on-site for a little over a week from starting the project to when it was fully removed; laying down over 2 miles of cable, using 12 climate control units, 4 generators, and 8 custom built wall plenums specifically for this event. The event was a great success for the University and their fundraising initiative, one Infinite Power was proud to be a part of!

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